Free Time

I was always told that as a resident advisor my first priority is to be a good student and I have worked diligently at that this past week but because of a very heavy workload I turned in a few assignments that were less than satisfactory. First of all, my community service paper and presentation for RA class was too short and my visual aid looked sloppy and uninteresting. I am very sorry for my poor quality work and I am trying very hard to turn around and produce better quality assignments. I also failed to complete my German workbook and did poorly on a test. It’s not for a lack of effort; I was up all night and barely slept all week. I am struggling to stay focused and at that point in time I was completely overwhelmed by the tasks at hand. I am suddenly relieved that my classes have settled down once more and I have a reasonable and manageable amount of work to do.  I am currently getting ahead in my classes and fulfilling my obligations as an RA at work. I had to make a poster tonight which I absolutely hate doing. James and I worked on it and a desk assistant helped us write on it. I just realized that the in-service with the advertising guy did absolutely nothing to change the way I advertise for events. On the other hand the career services in-services have been helpful and I will use the knowledge I gained when composing my resume. I have to work during the basketball game but I think it is cool that resident’s life is helping promote the women’s basketball team. That could be a fun event to go to. I’m not sure what I think about harvest fest and I am somewhat reluctant to go participate in it. I will go because I’m obligated but I don’t know what to expect.

Addison Piggott